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Fostering With The Fosters

Over the summer, Hands of Hope had the amazing opportunity to hear the story of a foster family (who's last name is coincidentally "Foster"). This family has a story that goes beyond just the "feel good" story. They lovingly share their road down foster care with hopes to adopt. Most stories end there, but they shared beyond that. They shared the fierce love they have for their son and how even still, they struggle as a family with the complexities of his life before their family. The beauty from it all is that they choose to keep fighting through the messiness and continue to love and grow through it all. 

The boy we now know as Alex Foster was three and a half when he was taken from his mom's care. Alex grew up never knowing his dad. After he was taken from his mom's, he was placed in the foster care system, split up from his siblings until his aunt and uncle took him in. Before long, three out of five siblings were adopted by his aunt and uncle excluding him and his brother. His aunt and uncle weren't the best choice for their care either. "It wasn't a good place. It was messed up–not much good happened."

After living in different foster homes for a little while, Alex's care worker Beth showed up. She told him they were going to the dentist. Instead, they showed up at the Foster's home. Walking up to their giant home with a banana and a pop-tart, he remembers them asking him what he wanted to call them. "Mom and Dad" he said. After six months, the Fosters filed for adoption. "We didn't want him to be back in the system. We wanted to make it work and be a family," said Michelle Foster. At 7 years old, Alex had finally found his forever home. 

Foster care and adoption isn't always easy. When the papers are signed and the revolving door becomes permanent, there's still a journey of growth ahead. "It's been tough at times and it's changed me a lot," Alex said. "I think I've become more trusting and come out of my shell. I used to not trust anyone after going through the system and being abandoned by my biological parents...It takes me awhile to still give people my full trust but I've come a long way."

Alex's mom is an advocate for adoption and foster care, seeing the benefits and love played out in her family's story. Going into the process, Michelle and Andy Foster knew it would be a tough journey. "We asked for a child that struggled. We didn't ask for the perfect baby. We knew we were getting a kid that was a ward of the state...there were no other options for him and that's what we wanted."

Michelle and Andy wanted to expand their family with a kid that just needed to be loved. The most rewarding part about adopting Alex? "Expanding our family...more love, more people."

The Foster family was kind enough to open their home and hearts to us. Hear their full story LIVE at the Hands of Hope Sip & Savor.  

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