COVID-19: Reducing the Burden for Vulnerable Children

COVID-19: Reducing the Burden for Vulnerable Children

Vulnerable children and families need our help now more than ever!
One of the primary reasons families quit fostering is because they feel isolated. Due to the added strain of social distancing and quarantine, many families feel as if their supports have been stripped away. During this unprecedented time, the need for love and encouragement has drastically increased for biological, kinship, foster and adoptive families. Even though we are socially distanced from one another, we can still serve.

We invite you to join us in responding to the COVID-19 crisis through the following ways.


Serve on a Care Community

A Care Community is a proven, effective, long-term support to foster families. If your church is not currently doing Care Communities, now is the time to start a Family Advocacy Ministry. But donít wait - utilize these ideas to begin supporting and serving a foster family NOW! Questions?

Ways to Serve

Meet Immediate Needs through CarePortal

The needs of at-risk children have increased during this time. CarePortal is a technology tool that notifies enrolled churches of vetted, critical needs of biological, foster, and kinship families in their community. You can also join the active community to meet needs as an individual or business. CarePortal is currently in Marion County, and soon to be in Madison County; however anyone across the state can help.

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Provide Basic Necessities for Kids in Foster Care

Many foster families are facing financial hardships during this time. All items on our wish lists have been specifically requested by local child welfare workers and will go to foster families to help children in foster care.

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Utilize this 7-day prayer guide to pray each day for those impacted by the virus. Invite others to join you in prayer!

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Please Note: Always follow local and national recommendations in order to keep your volunteers, the children and families you serve, and yourself safe. Error on the side of extra caution and any serving should be done at the discretion of the family being served.

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