No Talent Needed

No Talent Needed

Posted on May 11, 2022

One Sunday, Michelle White found herself sitting i​n church with her husband, Dave, learning about her church’s Family Advocacy Ministry (FAM), and how it was helping local families through something called CarePortal. 

CarePortal, an online platform, connects local churches to tangible resources for vulnerable children in the community. Case workers at the Department of Child Services submit a request on behalf of a parent or guardian serving a child on the radar of the foster care system. Churches then claim a need and deliver it to the waiting family. From diapers and car seats to fire extinguishers and bed frames, requests come in all shapes and sizes.

After learning about CarePortal, Dave jumped first, telling Michelle, “I don’t know where I fit in, but I have a truck, so let’s help.” 

The couple signed up to deliver resources and found themselves thrilled at the unique opportunity to serve their neighbors face-to-face. Dave’s first delivery included a set of bunk beds to kids who had been sleeping on tile floors. 

“My husband’s a softie,” Michelle says. “He felt so honored to be able to help.”

Michelle went on her first delivery in the middle of winter. She took diapers, a stroller, and a warm, infant-sized coat to a young mom with a baby. While at the home, Michelle learned that there were four older children in the family who also didn’t have winter coats, but their mom didn’t want to appear greedy by asking for too much. Michelle says she sped off and returned shortly after with four cozy coats, amazed at the mom’s compassion for putting other people’s needs ahead of her own. The young woman allowed Michelle to hold her baby and pray for their family. The two said a heartfelt goodbye to each other after a big hug.  

“We forget as human beings how truly blessed we are,” Michelle says, “but when we go out into the community we get even more blessed, just by getting to meet people.”

Michelle now coordinates connecting resources to families. Dave leads transportation, and Michelle’s mom maintains the resource closet where donated goods wait on new homes. The team includes several additional volunteers, including a retired couple who can’t physically help, but instead ensure that no claimed request goes unmet by financially donating to the ministry each month. 

Michelle says the ideal CarePortal volunteer is simply someone who’s reliable. “If you’re going to click the button and say yes to doing it,” she says, “the family needs it. You’re committed from start to finish on whatever you’ve said yes to.” 

She adds that an equally important characteristic is a compassionate heart. “We don’t ever go in there with any judgement,” she says. “You don’t have to have a talent; you just have to have a heart for others and for serving the Lord.”

To learn more about CarePortal, click here!

​Written By: Sarah Norris