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Hands of Hope - Fall Newsletter

Hope in the Numbers

Through the Hands of Hope Ė LifeSong Partnership:
  • Three families received matching grants from Hands of Hope and raised another $15,800 from family and friends.
  • Three additional families have received matching grants and are in process of mobilizing additional funds from family and friends.
  • Four families have received interest-free loans.
  • Overall seven children have been or will be helped from six different countries: China, Congo, Ethiopia, South Korea, Ukraine, United States.

Christmas Catalog

Look for Hands of Hope in the Grace Christmas Catalog again this year! Don't miss out on making a difference in the life of an orphan. Your donation will be used to provide support for projects such as
  • Winter hats and gloves for children living in Chinese orphanages with little or no heat;
  • Care, food and immunizations for orphans in El Salvador!
  • A Rancho, in El Salvador for kids to meet together for food and fellowship

Exodo Child Sponsorship Program Update


"Before I came to ÉXODO I lived with my grandmother and my step grandfather because my mom was working as a maid in the city. My step grand father did things to my older sister and me that were not good, my grandmother knew about it and didnít protect us and when my mom found out, she called the police. I heard the police put them in jail. All the family is mad at my mom now, and nobody wants to help her to take care of us. She asked for help to the authorities to find us a place to live while she can afford one. I like living at EXODO because we have a soccer field. I love playing around with my friends. My substitute parents are very nice to me and I love it when we play board games at night. I go to 1st grade and I am learning to read and write and I am learning fast!"

Luisí birthday March 19th, 2002

Blanca Elizabeth
Castillo Escobar

"My name is Blanca but my friends call me Blanquita. Iím 15 years old, I have two brothers Arturo and Armando. They were adopted by a good family. I was very little when we first came to live in Exodo, so I donít remember much about my family. We were brought to ÉXODO several years ago because our parents treated us very badly. My father used to drink and he and my mom ended up getting divorced. I like to study and always get good grades. Iím in 7th grade and when I grow up I want to become a communicator so I can help others. I also love sports and everybody tells me I am good at playing basketball! I can run around the soccer field 15 times without getting tired!"

Elizabethís birthday is June 18th, 1995

Trip to San Salvador,
El Salvador
A team of 28 traveled to San Salvador, El Salvador to extend a hand of hope to orphans at Exodo orphanage. There were two teams hard at work during the week. The first team worked directly with the kids as they hosted a Vacation Bible School. The kids participated in games, art work, Bible stories and much much more. The kids each created a tie-dye

The second team was the work team that participated in facility improvement projects.  First they painted the interior bathrooms and sink areas with oil based paints so that the walls were sealed and easily washable.  Then vanities were built and tiled so that the kids can have a place to put their bathroom accessories. Finally, network security was installed on all the computers to ensure safety and reliability when using the internet.

For more information about Hands of Hope and Exodo child sponsorship, please visit our website at handsofhopein.org. Thank you for your support!


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