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Update on LiberiaÖ encouraging news!

Thanks for your prayers on Liberian adoptions. Per some information from Jeff & Deanna Gilbert, wanted to update you on the latest...

Apparently, it will be several more months before the new adoption laws/regulations are finalized. Because of that, the Liberian government is putting pressure on the Ministry of Health, which oversees all adoptions, to move things forward under the old laws. That means case studies on the waiting children will begin again. Case studies are required by the embassy and are the first step toward placement. Thatís good news! Also, all 6 agencies working in Liberia will need to be re-accredited. That process has begun.

Please pray:

  • For Godís will to be done through this whole process
  • For the Gilbert's and other waiting families to prepare well for their new child and to be matched with right child
  • For the re-accreditation process to go smoothly with PLAN & other adoption agencies
  • For protection for all waiting children in Liberia


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