New Song

After years of witnessing first-hand the uncertainty and instability that unfortunately, often pervades our child welfare system, Robert and Lisa Schloss decided to jump headfirst into the waters of change.

Their dream?
To create New Song; a place of refuge and revival for orphaned, impoverished and fatherless children throughout the state.

New Song is more than a safe, stable and compassionate home for children. It is a place of excellent education, spiritual growth and hopeful opportunity. From pottery and woodworking to equine therapy and 4-H involvement, New Song promises to utilize every bit of the scenic and diverse nature granted by its location.

Children ages six through twelve, who have yet to enter the child welfare system, but instead have been referred directly from their caregivers, will reside in one of the, soon to be, nine campus homes. Each of the 5,000 square foot homes will house eight children, as well as a mentor and set of permanent “house parents”. The hope is that these homes will provide long-term care for each child until they are able to transition to college, a trade school or into their career.

Hands of Hope is excited to begin our partnership with New Song orphanage! We are currently providing support through:

  • Prayer

    The prevailing need at the moment is for house parents for the first home. As soon as individuals possessing the correct characteristics and qualifications have been found, New Song will begin placing children from their waiting list.
  • Volunteer Opportunities

    Hands of Hope took our first volunteer team down to New Song in October 2012 and hope to continue taking additional teams in the future. If you are interested in being on one of these teams, please email us at
  • Financial Assistance

    Hands of Hope also offers sponsorship of the children who will soon be living at New Song. Currently the money from sponsorship is going toward “Home A”. New Song is hoping to collect funds to care for the children residing in the house throughout their first year. To help with this, please click here.

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