Hands of Hope

Multicultural Celebration

This Friday, February 25th - 6:00 PM

The Multicultural Celebration will be a great time this coming Friday as we celebrate with food, music, live animals, and updates from Hands of Hope. Silly Safaris will be presenting live animals from all over the world.  

Don't forget:

  1. Bring a Dish
  2. Compete in the Dessert Content
  3. Submit your Photographs

Bring a Dish

Bring a dish from a country of your choice: Chinese, Ethiopian, American, Mexican, Guatemalan, Russian, El Salvador etc..  Hands of Hope will provide drinks and paper products.

Compete in the Dessert Content

If you'd like to enter the Dessert Contest (in addition to your main dish) bring a Dessert to be judged by professional tasters (well judges who like to taste food).

Submit your Photographs

Do you have photos from your adoption journey or your missions trip, then we'd love to share them at the multicultural celebration.  Please submit your photos to gerald@handsofhopein.org.


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