Need For Land For FAITH IN DEEDS Orphanage In India

Faith in Deeds, our partner orphanage in India, has been renting land; however, it is critical for the children that Faith in Deeds purchase land of their own where they can build an orphanage.  Hands of Hope has already committed to giving them $20,000 and they have raised additional funds as well.  However, there is still a huge need - approximately $50,000 is still needed!  If you would like to donate towards helping Faith in Deeds buy land please click here….
Top 10 Reasons why Faith in Deeds needs to buy land NOW?
  1. KEEP CHILDREN IN ORPHANAGE:  The local laws require separate dorms for boys & girls when they reach 12 years of age.  One child has had to leave FID, and soon five more will have to leave.
  2. VIOLATION OF LOCAL LAWS:  The current rental property is close to the railroad and there is danger to the children from the train.  Local laws actually prohibit the children from being so close to the railroad.
  3. SAFETY CONCERNS:  The current rental property has old electrical wiring that is a risk to the children.  Actually there was a recent accident where a live wire was sending sparks in the direction of the children. Several preschoolers were shocked which could have been fatal if not for a Divinely timed power outage.
  4. RISKS OF KIDNAPPING:  The new property would have a chain link fence around it to project the children from predators, who would want to kidnap them.
  5. RISK OF EVICTION:  The current rental property has economic risks where they are at the mercy of the landlord and increases in rental costs, or even the risk of eviction. (Eviction is now inevitable - it's just a matter of when.)
  6. INSTABILITY FOR CHILDREN: Children’s Home was forced to move three times in four years. Instability for children.
  7. FOOD SUPPLY:   Once FID gets the land, they can plant their own garden and grow vegetables to supplement their own food.  They can also move their sheep herd to their own land and not have to pay local farmers half of the newborns, for caring for the sheep.
  8. TEACH CHILDREN VOCATIONAL SKILLS: Once they have their own garden and sheep herds on site, they can teach the children vocational skills in these areas. (There are agricultural colleges nearby for possible internship agreements to secure instructors/assistants)
  9. COST OF LAND KEEPS INCREASING SUBSTANTIALLY EACH YEAR:  The American Dollar has been on a steady decline compared to the Indian Rupee while the cost of land is on a rapid increase.  The prices of rural plots of land we have looked at for the past 4 years have on average increased by 30% annually.
  10. ABILITY TO START MEDICAL CLINIC:  Would be able to build a community center which could serve as a medical clinic to the community.  Those who are able (upper caste) will pay for medical services to help offset costs for the impoverished untouchables.