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Meet Berhan Yehun

About Berhan Yehun

Berhan Yehun's mission is to bring light to communities and break the cycle of poverty by empowering children in Qore community of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. They are dedicated to improving the spiritual, social, cultural, and personal growth of vulnerable children in the community with a focus on family preservation.

Most children at Berhan Yehun have a single mother with leprosy, HIV/AIDS or another serious disease who begs or sell garbage during the day to try to survive and provide. Children who come from these families are left to take care of themselves and their siblings. Furthermore they are sometimes responsible for assisting their parents' going to and from the streets.

Why Should I Sponsor A Child Through Hands of Hope?

After an exploratory trip and selection process, Hands of Hope selected Berhan Yehun as a Children's Home Partner. Hands of Hope is coming alongside Berhan Yehun through child sponsorship, projects, and building relationships. We want to aide Berhan Yehun in their mission to improve the quality of life, meet the basic needs, and help each child know and experience God's love.

Berhan Yehun is different from many children's homes in that the children who are sponsored spend six days/week at Berhan Yehun and return home to sleep at night and on Sunday's to inspire family time in hopes of family preservation. Meals, medical needs, tutoring, and even showers are all provided through Berhan Yehun. They are only able to provide this type of care through the loving generosity of sponsors like YOU! 

What makes this sponsorship different than other sponsorships?

  • 100% of funds received go directly to children's home.
  • Focus is literal or societal orphans who are not currently adoptable.
  • Opportunity for a more personal relationship through mission trips, letters, and care packages.
Please prayerfully consider being the "Hands of Hope" for a child in need for just $35 a month!

Sponsor A Child

If you would like to learn more about Berhan Yehun and how they impact the lives of the children, visit their website

Our mission is to uniquely and deeply love orphans at home and around the world. 


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