IWE Child Sponsorship

IWE Child Sponsorship

Sponsor a Child

Rwamagana, Rwanda
IWE (Institute of Women for Excellence) provides a refuge for young women, many of whom were left orphaned by the genocide. Through the partnership with Hands of Hope and ALARM (African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries) they are able to develop spiritually, emotionally and academically.

Our sponsorship program allows YOU to be a significant influence in the life of one of these children! What makes the sponsorship different?
  • 100% of funds received go directly to children's home.
  • Focus is literal or societal orphans who are not currently adoptable.
  • Opportunity for a more personal relationship through mission trips, letters, and care packages.
Your sponsorship provides:
  • $35/month covers basic necessities
  • $65/month covers basic necessities and tuition
  • $85/month covers basic necessities, tuition and room & board
IWE has grade level sponsorships where you sponsor a grade but pray for a specific individual child within that grade.

Please prayerfully consider being the "Hands of Hope" for a child in need!

Click on child's picture to set up automatic debit or credit card payments. If you prefer to pay via check please contact us. Once you decide to sponsor a child, you will receive a Welcome Packet with additional information.