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Meals for the Stewart Family

Grace Hands of Hope would like to thank you for signing up to help with the hospitality team!  At our last meeting, the hospitality team discussed ways to better support those who are adopting.  One idea was to provide meals for a family bringing home their child.  We now have an opportunity to do that for the Stewart family who will be bringing Jiang Qingxuan home from China.  They will be arriving home on Saturday, November 29th.

We would like to have five main entrees that are able to be put in their freezer and conveniently cooked at their discretion.  We already have two commitments: chicken pot pie and chicken fajitas.  These meals need to feed seven family members.  If you are interested in providing a meal for the Stewart family, you can call me at 317.407.8711 or email me at ggstanely@gmail.com .  I can either pick up the meal or you can bring it to my home.

Thank you again for volunteering to help with the hospitality team!  It is such a blessing when a child and family come together forever!

Gretchen Stanley
Grace Hands of Hope


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