Hope In the Numbers



  • Over 150 attended Picnic and Sponsor Appreciation Dessert
  • Over 50 supported through Adoptive Moms, Adoption Grace Group, Announcements, & Meals

Adoption Information:

  • 34 attended Adoption/Safe Families/Foster Care Informational Meetings
  • Over 70 received information via email request from www site

Adoptions Grants/Loans (cumulative since began grants/loans):

  • 16 families received $48,000 in matching grants
  • 9 families received $40,000 in interest free loans
  • 20 children have been or will be adopted from 12 countries
  • Over $162,000 in total assistance generated from all sources for adopting families

Orphan Care

Child Sponsorships:

  • 44 children sponsored at Exodo, El Salvador
  • 18 children sponsored at Faith in Deeds, India
  • 18 children sponsored at Romaniv, Ukraine


  • 3 projects for Exodo (medicine, schooling, new shed)
  • 4 projects for Faith in Deeds (orphanage bricks, fence posts for land, truck tires, chickens)
  • 2 projects for Plan Escalon (computer room, laptops for teachers, bus brakes)
  • 1 project for like-minded orphanage partner in Liberia (tile supplies for flooring)
  • $6,000 given to Faith in Deeds for land by Grace Kids Camp children
  • Over $45,000 total given in projects to partner orphanages
  • Over 8,700 gifts-in-kind donations given to orphanages
  • Over 500,000 Kids Against Hunger meals given to Romaniv, Plan Escalon, and New Song


  • 30 went on short term trip to Exodo, El Salvador
  • 17 went on short term trip to Plan Escalon, Honduras
  • 20 went on short term trip to New Song Mission, Indiana
  • 3 went on exploratory trip to Romaniv, Ukraine
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