Grants and Loans

Helping Families Financially

Hands of Hope believes the best place for any child is in a family. Recognizing that finances can be a barrier Hands of Hope seeks to help families living in Indiana overcome that barrier through matching grants and interest free loans.

Matching Grants

Our goal is to help motivate families to raise funds for their adoption through matching grants. For every $1 raised, the grant would match $1. Matching grant amounts are determined based on financial need. 100% of any funds donated for your matching grant go towards your adoption.

Interest-Free Loans

Our goal is to provide interest-free loans (up to $5,000) in order for families to take advantage of the government’s tax credit.

Hands of Hope utilizes LifeSong for Orphans for our Matching Grant and Interest Free Loan program. LifeSong oversees and provides the application screening process at no cost to Hands of Hope.

Qualifying families who, based on financial situation, would not qualify for a matching grant or interest free loan, may still set up an account so others can make tax deductible donations towards your adoption.