Fundraising Ideas

  • How one family raised $25,000 for their adoption: suggestions and what worked best
  • Send letters to family, friends, and business acquaintances asking for donations for your adoption expenses. Provide address of agency so gifts can be anonymous.
  • Tell everyone you know what you are doing. Start a money jug.
  • Have a big garage sale with donated items. Ask a local business or your church if you can hold it in their parking lot. Find a good location!
  • Host a dinner, have entertainment, and charge admission. Sell hotdogs and drinks at Home Depot or Lowes. Work at a sporting event concession—requires a non-profit status.
  • Mow lawns.
  • Have a carnival for kids. Some ideas: cupcake walk, bingo, popcorn or sodas, face painting booth, basketball throw, picture made with a clown, etc. Craft sale.
  • Bake sale. Get friends or family to donate baked goods.