Faith In Deeds

Hands of Hope is pleased to begin a new partnership with Faith in Deeds in West Godavari, India.  Thomas, the orphanage director, was born into the lowest cast in a village in East India.  At age six he was taken to an orphanage until he was adopted into an American Christian family at age 10. As a young adult he went back to India to meet his birth parents, discovered they had converted to Christianity, and was deeply struck by the needs.  One day while riding in a train, right when his eyes were on James 2:14,

"What good is it, my brothers, if a man claims to have faith but has no deeds"

he heard a child crying from somewhere else on the crowded car, "But mommy, I'm hungry NOW!"  Later on the same trip he found himself left with 2 small children.  Thus was the start of a series of miraculous events that lead to the opening of Faith in Deeds, which currently houses about 50 children.

Thomas and his wife Dana are the directors of this Christian orphanage. Hands of Hope has provided funds for all of the children to see the dentist (for the first time in their lives), get tested for HIV, and purchased goats for on-going milk for the children.  We have also recently begun child sponsorships of these children to help with the daily costs of food and care.  Faith in Deeds is currently diligently working to earn funds to purchase land instead of renting.  Being involved with Faith in Deeds has been a wonderful reminder that God is at work in the world and we have the privilege in joining along!
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