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Good evening Exodo Sponsors,

Hands of Hope wants to make all of our sponsors aware of a situation that happened at Exodo this past month.  A week ago, Iris, the director of the Exodo Childrenís Home, emailed us to let us know that three of the girls at Exodo had run away together.  When they were caught they were taken to a government orphanage in the town in which they were found. 

A judge ruled that one of the girls live with her mother, another girl live with her sister, and the third girl was to stay in that government orphanage.  Unfortunately, the three girls will not be going back to Exodo.  Iris was not able to control this ruling, which is a very sad consequence to running away.  We will miss these girls tremendously!  The two girls, who will be living with family members, are in very dangerous areas of El Salvador and need prayer for Godís protection.  The girl who was sentenced to the government orphanage also needs our prayers because when Iris went to visit her last Monday, she had already run away from that orphanage, too.  No one has seen her since that time. 

Iris has talked to the children at the home and explained to them that they donít need to run away and that if they need anything or are unhappy, they can talk to the counselor there or Iris.  Iris loves each of the children at Exodo, so this is very heart breaking for her.  Please pray for Iris also, because she carries the burdens of the children with her and the burdens are heavy.  

As an organization, Hands of Hope is talking with Iris about the costs and needs of another counselor on staff.  These children have come from very tough situations.  Please pray that God will protect their hearts and that they know and feel the love of our Father. 

Praying with all of you,

Gretchen Stanley

Exodo Champion


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