Schedule of the Day
March 16, 2019

8:30-9:00 Check-In & Exhibits
9:00-10:15 Opening & Keynote 1
10:15-10:30 Snack Break
10:30-11:20 Breakout #1
11:20-11:30 Transition Time
11:30-12:20 Breakout #2
12:20-1:30 Lunch & Exhibits
1:30-2:20 Breakout #3
2:20-2:30 Transition Time
2:30-4:00 Keynote 2 & Closing
2019 Breakout Sessions
Breakout 1   Breakout 2   Breakout 3

Our Call: Caring for the Least of These
  Building a Ministry at Your Church   Care Communities 
Practical Opportunities for Community Engagement   
How Early Trauma Changes the Brain 
Safe Families for Children

Raising Other People's Kids   Becoming a Volunteer Advocate for Children   
Power of One

Dual Parenting:
Biological & Foster Children

  Building Rapport & Relationships with Children  
Parenting Challenging Behaviors

Helping Others Understand Your Child's Story
  Hard Conversations about Race   Voices of Kids from Hard Places
 How Prenatal Substance Exposure Affects Children  
Practical Steps to Improve Behavior Using ABA
Adverse Child Experiences and Their Lifelong Effects


Understanding Self-Regulation and Sensory Processing
  Marriage: Don't Let the Children Bring You Down   The Adoption Process:
An Attorney's View

What is Foster Care and Foster Care Adoption?
  Creating Resilience   Living the Dream:
Expectations vs. Reality

Standing Up for Your Child:
A Foster Parent's Role