Divine Power Outage at Faith In Deeds

Posted on June 23, 2011
This article was written by the staff of Faith in Deeds

Experiencing God's grace in a 'suddenly' of life.

They heard a crash above on the second floor and ran up to see what happened. As they came upon the scene, eight of the preschoolers were lying unconscious.

The children are home all day while they are on summer vacation. In the hot summer months, the safest place for the little ones to play out of the heat of day is in the shady open area of the second floor. As the older children came downstairs for their lunch after finishing their cleaning chores on the second floor, the little ones were dismissed to play upstairs. A ladder the older children had used while cleaning was accidently left stand- ing. The little ones knew they were not to climb it, so they decided to push it out of the way. As they did so, it tipped over, catching and breaking the 220 volt electrical line above. Vijaya’s daughter Grace, who was playing with the group, decided to pick up the wire and move it out of the way. As she picked the live wire up, it knocked her into the rest of the children who were seated on metal lockers against the wall. At that exact moment the village experienced one of the grid power outages that are common in the summer months. Had the power outage not happened at that very moment, all eight of the children would have been electrocuted! Upon discovering what had taken place, the entire group of staff and older children immediately were on their knees crying out to God on behalf of the little ones. It took about twenty minutes for the children to recover, except for Grace, who took the better part of an hour to wake up. She was the only one to sustain some burns.

We praise God that at the exact moment these little ones were about to perish, the power grid in the area went down. What is usually an inconvenience became a tool of God’s divine providence for the protection of his little disciples.