At the orphanage, Karen tried to reach the somber little boy with a new toy, then another…and then candy, but nothing could penetrate his pain, nothing could make him smile.  Then she saw his hands…little hands scarred from repeated burning.

Overwhelmed with emotion, she stole away to the van to quietly face her own pain at what she had seen.  This is how she describes what happened next: “I looked up and there was the boy with a missing smile . . . He extended his hands to me, his burned brown hands.  I took my wipe and cleaned each of his precious palms . . . the language barrier crumbled as I was just a mom caring for a boy’s hand the way they should be cared for.  It wasn’t the shoes, or the toy or candy . . . it was a simple act of love, and the boy who lost his smile, found it.  He hugged me tight and called me Amiga . . . friend.  The smile he gave me was more precious than any gift I had offered him . . . I had been transformed by an orphan;  I was conquered by a smile.”

For the third straight year, Hope for Orphans, the orphan outreach of FamilyLife, Focus on the Family, and Shaohannah’s Hope are joining forces to share the news that God has a plan for the more than 130 million orphans living in our world…and that His plan is you.

Visit – and click on “Get Started” [link to the “wizard”] to get a personalized profile of organizations and resources based on your preferences and interests that will help you discover how you are part of God’s plan for the orphan.

And, lastly, take a few moments to tune in to a week of very special radio broadcasts on Focus on the Family and FamilyLife the week of November 17-21.

Join millions of believers like Karen whose lives have been transformed by caring for the least of these…

This message was re-broadcast by permission from FamilyLife.