CarePortal Experiences: Shining Jesus' Light

CarePortal Experiences: Shining Jesus' Light

Posted on April 14, 2020
Community and generosity are two words that come to mind when meeting a CarePortal request. Communication from DCS identifies the need and correspondence continues until items have been delivered. Reaching out to others for specific donations; we use creatively in searching, purchasing, organizing, and collecting items prior to connecting with the family. It is a collaboration of many people and often partnering with individuals from another church within our coalition to gather the items and resources needed.

Deliveries vary and are as different as each of the families we visit. The overall effect though is the same, parent's eyes full of gratitude words cannot always express and excited children anxious to see the next items coming into their home.

Many deliveries I have been privileged to facilitate have included transporting beds. A four-year-old girl now sleeps warm and safe in her pink bedding with fluffy stuffed animal friends. Previously she slept on thin fabric only partially covering exposed wire coils. A three-year-old boy's eyes were as big as saucers when a Tonka truck shaped toddler bed was carried to his home. Bedding with the same transportation theme completed his space while his little sister had a white toddler bed with sea animal bedding. Each child now has a safe environment and no longer needs to sleep with their parents.

At an apartment, three siblings were discussing who would share a bed as we arrived. You can imagine their surprise when we assembled bunk beds plus a single bed in the bedroom. The oldest boy took such pride in unpacking the bedding, making the bed, smoothing the sheets, placing the pillow asking repeatedly 'is this really for my very own?'

A young mother, working and going to school, received a crib, clothing, and diapers for her son.

Two brothers actively helped assemble their beds with built-in storage on a warm summer day. They were equally excited to receive school supplies and groceries. The home had been without running water. So bottled water and the smell of Cheezit snack crackers caused a dance party to break out.

I believe God is in the details of our lives daily. CarePortal provides a tangible way to serve in Jesus' name and connects those wanting to help vulnerable children.

Written By: Jane Wiley (CarePortal Leader at Grace Church Fishers)