Month of Opportunity

Posted on March 14, 2013


March is the month of opportunity.


I've had that phrase playing like a broken record in my head for about the last month and a half now and, until a few days ago, I wasn't really sure why or where it came from. Now, I know this next bit of information will probably up my geek status, but the way I figure it, if you've read any of my past posts, you're already well-aware of my nerd-like tendencies, so what's the harm?

I Google searched it.

No worries, I'll wait so you can laugh. :)


So anyways, fast forward to a few hours later and I had come up with a whole lot of nothing.

Then it hit me.

It was Hands of Hope!

We have so many events, kick-offs, fundraisers... so many OPPORTUNITIES this month!

From the yummy Celebrating Adoptions event we had at Hearthstone Coffee Shop and Pub March 3rd to the awesome kick-off for the Golf Outing coming up, March holds such promise for some major impact to take place.

All that being said, I wanted to make sure YOU knew about all the opportunities March and Hands of Hope have in store.

All month:

Hearthstone Coffee Shop and Pub Fundraiser: Throughout the month of March, Hands of Hope is partnering with Hearthstone Coffee Shop and Pub to celebrate local adoption! 10 cents of every beverage purchased will be donated to Hands of Hope.

•Supply Drive: Join us as we collect donations to be distributed to our orphanage partners! Click here for more details.


Special Dates:

•Saturday, March 16th from 9:00 - 10:30am: Adoption, Safe Families and Foster Care Informational Meeting at Hearthstone Coffe Shop and Pub.

•Tuesday, March 19th at 7pm: Adoptive Moms' Night Out at Hearthstone Coffee Shop and Pub.

•Monday, March 18th at 6pm: Golf Outing Event Kick-off at Monical's Pizza.


To find out more about any of these events and how you can help, please email us!