Light in the Darkness

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It was the exploratory trip to Romaniv and while Suzy’s heart was overflowing with excitement, she couldn’t help but feel a slight twinge of anxiety. Although Mission to Ukraine had requested Hands of Hope partner with them in providing assistance to Romaniv, could Hands of Hope really make a difference? There were such profound needs to be met, one of the most dire being occupational therapy. After finally being blessed with an on-site Occupational Therapist for an hour week through Mission to Ukraine, the staff at Romaniv had just managed to teach some of the boys how to wash their hands. How on earth would they be convinced to include this method of teaching on a daily basis?

There was no doubt God had brought Lois and Suzy on behalf of Hands of Hope to Romaniv, but as is the case with most leaps of faith, there were also many unknowns; factors that seemed to be itching to emerge from the shadows, silently waiting to cause the plan to crumble.

Hoping to calm her nerves, Suzy whispered a humble prayer for guidance and clarity. Whatever God’s true desire for this budding partnership was, she prayed it would be revealed during their visit.

As their meeting with the Director of the Orphanage began, feelings of uncertainty and desire for direction enveloped the space. Concerns regarding staffing ratios, monetary backing and over-all feasibility began to create deep cracks in their hope-driven proposal.

But suddenly, through the centers of those darkened fractures, God’s light began to shine. The Director at Romaniv stood up and stated a staff member could take on the responsibility of providing full time therapy. Within a matter of twenty minutes, it was decided that, due to the support Romaniv had and would be receiving with fundamental necessities, teaching basic living skills could become a regular part of the residents’ daily routine.

“Ask and it will be given to you;”
Hands of Hope Adoption and Orphan Care ministry was created.

“Seek and you will find;”
Romaniv Orphanage for disabled boys in Ukraine was discovered.

“Knock and the door will be opened to you.” –Matthew 7:7
A new partnership was formed.

Although this account is one of wondrous hope, there still remains much to be done at Romaniv. Basic necessities such as proper and adequate nutrition, medical care, clothing and ventilation are just a few items on their seemingly endless list of needs. But just as God miraculously exemplified His heart’s desire for Hands of Hope during the exploratory trip, we too, can demonstrate His passion.

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